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3 Effective Real Estate Backlinks Tactic That Drive Result

Dmytro Sokhach, CEO of Admix Global
Real Estate Backlinks

Today, we’ll talk about real estate backlinks. 

Ever wondered how the real estate market has changed?

97% of homebuyers used internet for their search

Let's start with a shocker: according to Gitnux, in 2020, a whopping 97% of folks looking for a new home did their browsing online.

Why does this matter?

Because it highlights a game changer: a strong online presence is no longer nice to have, it's a must-have. And yes, that includes mobile users, who make up half of this crowd.

Moreover, embracing tactics like A/B testing and dynamic content can skyrocket your email marketing ROI by up to 105%.

A/B testing and dynamic content can skyrocket your email marketing ROI by up to 105%.

And let's not forget the power of search engines—78% of real estate explorations begin with Google, Bing, or Yahoo, emphasizing the need for a strong, search-optimized digital footprint.

This time I’m going to explore three top real estate backlink tactics that really shift the dial. Forget the usual stuff. These strategies are all about giving your real estate site a leg-up in search engine rankings.

Curious yet?

Today, I’m going to explore the challenges and key elements of building backlinks for real estate. We’ll also discuss the effectiveness of guest posting and the strategic use of linkable assets.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Challenges with Backlinks in the Real Estate Industry 
  • How to Start Your Link-Building Campaign for Real Estate: Niche Edits, Guest Posting, Linkable Assets

It's not simply about visibility; it's about differentiation. In the densely packed real estate sector, this distinction is vital.

Join me as we dive into how to succeed with SEO in the highly competitive real estate market.

Challenges with Backlinks in the Real Estate Industry

Facing challenges with backlinks is always tough, and the real estate sector is no exception.

This niche is particularly difficult due to large holdings and the need to reach out across various places, especially in the huge US market.

Trust me, I know.

The competition? It's fierce! After all, you're up against giants. Think Keller Williams and RE/MAX. For the local realtor, standing out means fighting an uphill battle.

So how do you find those quality real estate sites for backlinks?

Sure it takes time and patience. And once you find your first reputable linking partner, earning their trust for a link back is another story.

But here's something you might not realize.

If you're not an SEO buff, you might think any link is good. Or that a high-traffic site that's not in your niche is better than a smaller, more relevant one.

That's not the case.

Bottom line: not every backlink is worth the same.


Let's break it down.

The quality and relevance of backlinks to your real estate site can seriously boost your spot in search results.

Think about it: a link from a reputable real estate platform is way more impactful than one from a random blog.

Google loves links from trusted, relevant sources because they show your site's value.

Get this: according to Gitnux, 41% of homebuyers begin their search online, and an impressive 95% rely on digital tools to discover their next home.

78% of real estate searches begin with a search engine

With 78% of these searches beginning on search engines like Google, which commands 75% of this traffic, it's clear how digital-driven the real estate sector is.

This underscores the need for top-notch backlinks. It's not about collecting as many links as possible; it's about getting those that enhance your website's credibility and connect you with the people you want to reach.

Here's a key point: local search matters. It helps you target more accurately and connect better with potential clients in specific regions.

After all, most of your prospects are searching for "apartment for rent near me" or something similar. And your backlink strategy needs to reflect this.

search query apartment for rent near me

Feeling overwhelmed?

🚨 Don't be. Editorial.Link can lift some of that weight off your shoulders. We can get you backlinks from reputable sites, no matter your site's DR or DA. Working with big names like podium.com and envato.com, we deliver high-authority, contextually relevant links through white hat SEO.

Remember, tackling SEO in real estate isn't something you have to do alone.

With the correct approach and professional help, you can beat these obstacles, boost your site's authority, and make your mark on the web.

Now let’s see how you can get good at building real estate backlinks and advance your SEO skills.

How to Start Your Link-Building Campaign for Real Estate

So you want to start a link-building campaign in real estate. Cool! Because I've just got the roadmap!

Start by optimizing your website for SEO and cleaning up any technical issues. Next, develop a link-building strategy by examining your competitors' backlinks. Once you have that information, you can kick off your link-building campaign.

Let's take a look at three strategies that really work:

  • Niche Edits 
  • Guest Posting 
  • Linkable Assets

Plus, a few extra tips on making them shine.

Niche edits

First up, niche edits.

This is where you get your content or link added to existing articles. It's all about finding articles that are already out there, already indexed by Google, and slipping your link in where it adds value.

Why does it work? Because you're leveraging the established authority of these pages.

Say you run a site about home decorating, and looking to link to your page on modern kitchen designs.

In this case, you want to build a link from a reputable home improvement site. Specifically from an article about the top kitchen trends. This matches exactly what's needed to be relevant 😉

example of link for real estate

Or maybe you have a blog on sustainable living and decided to highlight your post on eco-friendly home insulation. Why not?

In this case, a link from a respected environmental blog could help. Preferably, within an article discussing ways to reduce home energy use.

an ideal match for relevance

Source: https://www.anspblog.org/reduce-energy-use-at-home/

Yup! That would be an ideal match for relevance.

Remember, relevance is king. And you want to be part of conversations that make sense for your real estate brand.

You’ll find more info on niche edits in my other article.

Guest posting

This one's a classic and for good reason.

You create content for another real estate site (or a related one).

For example, if your expertise lies in luxury real estate, consider writing a guest post for a high-end lifestyle magazine on the latest trends in luxury home features.

sample of Guest Post for real estate

Alternatively, if you’re into eco-friendly homes, write a piece for a reputable environmental sustainability site.

a post on green building practices in the real estate industry

This can be a post on green building practices in the real estate industry that would highlight your specialty.

🚨Pay attention: it's not just about getting your name out there. It's about providing genuine, valuable insights that readers care about.

When you do it right, you control where that backlink points.

Aim for quality sites, where your perfect leads spend their time.

This is how you tap into new audiences and bring direct traffic back to your site!

Linkable assets

Then there's creating linkable assets.

Think of content that's so good, others can't help but link to it. Infographics, comprehensive guides, market analyses—you name it.

Imagine you have deep insights into how the real estate market affects local economies…

(You don’t have such insights, do you?)


In this case, you could make an infographic that clearly shows this connection, turning it into a go-to reference for many.

make an infographic for real estate

Or, if you're into historic properties, putting together an interactive map that highlights these homes in a certain area can catch the attention of history buffs and people looking to buy a home.

an interactive map for real estate

A great example of this strategy working well is seen at Fit Small Business, where they've put together a detailed page full of statistics that has gained them hundreds of backlinks.

statistic page for real estate
statistic page gained them hundreds of backlinks

Assets like these not only demonstrate your deep knowledge but also act as helpful tools that attract links from within and outside the real estate world.

If it provides value, it's a magnet for backlinks.

And in real estate, where the market is always hot with topics like month-over-month house price growth or the booming commercial real estate market, there's plenty to dive into.

But Wait, There's More!

Just a few more important things to keep in mind when building those real estate links:

  • Quality outreach and strong relationships are your bread and butter. Don't just send emails. Make connections;
  • Share your content on social media and forums like Quora or Reddit. After all, real estate is booming, with significant growth and a massive $1.2 trillion market size, according to G2;
  • With more than 90% of agents using Facebook for their real estate businesses, along with 68% on Instagram, 52% on LinkedIn, and 26% on YouTube, social media has become an incredibly rich territory for securing links. (Source: National Association of Realtors);
  • Creating geo-targeted content is another smart move. Be found by the right people in the right place. And remember, testimonials and reviews can go both ways. Give a little love, and you might just get some back in the form of a backlink!

So, what do we have in the end?

Niche edits, guest posting, and linkable assets, coupled with effective networking, sharing on social media, and geo-targeted content.

Seems to me, you're all set to rise to the top of the real estate SEO landscape!

Ready to build those bridges, get valuable links, and elevate your online presence? Contact us at Editorial.Link and dominate the real estate SEO game!

Final Words

As you can see real estate link building is an area overflowing with opportunities.

And guess what?

You're just scratching the surface!

Now, think bigger than what we've already discussed:

  • Implement guest blogging or make appearances on podcasts. That’s where you can showcase your expertise and secure valuable backlinks; 
  • Make your content easy to share on social networks. Just a few share buttons can skyrocket your exposure;
  • Mind local events. This not only strengthens your community ties but could also snag you some backlinks from local media; 
  • Craft killer infographics or whitepapers. When your content truly rocks, it spreads like wildfire, naturally attracting backlinks.

By embracing genuine, effortful strategies for backlinks, you're not just playing the SEO game—you're aiming to win it big.

But it's not just about conquering SEO; it's about expanding your online presence in a way that truly counts.

So, what's the big picture here? It's to inspire you to break the mold with your link-building efforts. Real estate might cling to old-school marketing, but it's ripe for a digital revolution.

Those tactics I’ve mentioned above, they're not just for the real estate elite. They can be adapted across various industries, urging a fresh take on digital marketing.

With the right moves, the digital landscape is yours to explore, offering endless pathways for growth and connection.

Ready to dive deeper?

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