Terms of Service


Editorial.Link offers diverse link building services as outlined on the website.

Editorial.Link Services will include

  • Acquiring top-tiered "backlinks" from various websites. 
  • Generating reports for placements and submissions.

The client needs to recognize the following regarding the services:

  • Editorial.Link will provide high quality service for our clients. You can choose a website, and pay only for websites that work for you.
  • All backlink that Editorial.Link provides are dofollow and do not contain sponsored or nofollow tags.
  • All backlinks that Editorial.Link provides are pernament, in the event that the link is removed (a rare occurrence), we will contact the site owner to reinstate it or substitute it with another site.
  • Editorial.Link is a European company and we use VAT invoices.
  • At Editorial.Link, we focus solely on top-tier, authentic content, including finely crafted articles, blog posts, guides, and related materials. Our foremost priority is to ensure that each link we integrate seamlessly complements the content and brings value to your audience. This commitment substantially bolsters your brand and elevates your website's credibility.
  • We will ensure that your links are placed within a 30-day timeframe.

Non Disclosure

Editorial.Link doesn't require individual NDA signings for each agency or client utilizing our services. However, within our service terms, rest assured that we uphold complete Non-Disclosure respect for every client.

Editorial.Link commits not to utilize the Confidential Information shared by the other party (You) for any purpose other than the agreed-upon Purpose, unless obtaining prior written agreement from the other party.

We(Editorial.Link) assure that no confidential information will be disclosed to any third party, except to your company's employees and professional advisers who require the information for the intended purpose.


Editorial.Link retains the right to cancel orders placed for websites involved in illegal or offensive industries. Any illegal content, products, services, or items containing hateful, objectionable, or defamatory material targeting any group of people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or engaging in attacks against individuals, businesses, organizations, products, or services; cruelty towards animals; or any other objectionable content will be promptly canceled and refunded.

If you're uncertain whether your website violates our restrictions, please reach out to us initially.


When you sign up, you consent to receiving emails from Editorial.Link, which may include updates on new services, offers, or educational material.

All Parties unanimously agree that the courts within the European Union possess exclusive jurisdiction for:

  • resolving any dispute;
  • providing interim remedies;
  • offering any other provisional or protective relief.