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Editorial link building

We get backlinks from authority sites by building strong relationships

Top resources

We cooperate with corporate company blogs and world-famous SaaS services.

Link building since 2017

We have been building editorial links since 2017, offering them to our clients since 2020.

Minimal risk

Get free backlinks from sites that do not sell links. These sites are not marked by Google as spam since they don't violate the Webmaster Guidelines.

Choose only relevant sites

Get as many relevant backlinks as you want! 1 backlink per month? No problemo.

Our Clients
Website Promotion via Editorial Links: Case Studies
Tripled traffic to a SaaS product website in 4 months

Link building started in November 2020. 32 links delivered in 4 months.

Website examples: hive.com, aeroleads.com, zoomshift.com, planable.io, toggl.com

Traffic growth on a SaaS product website in 2 months

Link building started in February 2021. 21 backlinks were delivered in 2 months.

Website examples: g2.com, visme.co, timecamp.com, trustradius.com.

Referring Website Parameters

We only work with 100% real businesses that value their reputation and do not offer any paid links for sale. These websites are not marked by Google as “harmful” or “suspicious,” which ensures the best result.

We get backlinks from reputable websites by developing strong and long-term relationships.

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Fill out the brief

Tell us about your product/service and target audience. Let us know where you want to get your backlinks from and what pages of your website you want them to be on.

Get offers

Get free offers - choose only suitable sites.

Approval and placement

Pay only for websites that are suitable for you. No suitable websites - no charge.


Yes, you only pay for sites that work for you.

Backlinks are posted on a permanent basis. If for some reason, (which is quite rare) the link is removed, we will ask the site owner to get the link back or replace it with another site.

All the links posted will be indexable and will not contain "sponsored" or "nofollow" tags.

The number of links depends on your business niche and requirements. If there are no websites suitable for your needs, you don’t pay anything.

Yes, we are a European VAT-registered business.

We only work with legal content.

Your links will be posted within 30 days.

Yes, if necessary, we conclude contracts and provide all the necessary documentation.

  1. 1 test backlink. Get a link - pay later. The cost of one link is $375;
  2. 5-backlink package. The cost of one link in the package is $350. If you have already ordered a test link, it can be included in the package at a cost of $350. Before we get started, you will have to make an advance payment in the amount of $1750;
  3. 10-backlink package. The cost of one link in the package is $350. If you have previously ordered a test link, it can be included in the package for $350. Before the start, we will ask you to make a prepayment of $1750. Then another $1750 upon completing the link placement process;
  4. 20+ backlink package. This package implies custom pricing. In our work, we use White label SEO when cooperating with specialists and agencies.

Yes, you get a 10% discount on the first customer payment and a 5% discount on all the subsequent payments for recommending us to your friends.

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