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White Label Link Building: How We Work

Dmytro Sokhach, CEO of Admix Global
White Label Link Building - Editorial.Link

Building links in-house is expensive and time-consuming. And building a team of in-house link builders to meet the needs of all your clients is literally opening a new branch of business — which is, again, expensive and risky.

Solution? White label link building. By working with a relatable link-building agency, you get a chance to tap into their expertise and yearslong partnerships without the burden of managing an in-house team.

Editorial.Link partners with many SEO agencies to help them deliver quality editorial backlinks to their clients and avoid the trouble of earning links on their own.

Dmytro Sokhach, CEO of Admix Global
Dmytro Sokhach

Founder & CEO at Editorial.Link

Looking for a reliable white label link building agency? Get a consultation about our Partner Program.

If you aren’t sure whether white label link building is the right solution for your SEO agency, read on to make an informed decision.

What Is White Label Link Building Service?

White label link building involves a strategic collaboration between your SEO agency and an external service provider, often a specialized link-building agency. Most importantly, it allows you to offer link-building services to your clients under your brand name.

Benefits of White Label Link Building

benefits of white label link building

Partnering with a reliable white label link building partner brings many benefits to the table, including:

  • Time saving. Instead of spending time to build link-building partnerships and set your strategy on the rails, you can start bringing results to your clients immediately.
  • Expertise. Link building is no rocket science, but it does require skills and expertise your SEO professionals lack. With white label link building, you don’t have to train your staff in outreach and communication skills, which can be tough for technical SEO experts.
  • Flexibility. Unlike managing an in-house team, you don’t have to handle the challenges of hiring, training, and potentially downsizing if the demand for link-building services decreases. You’re flexible enough to adapt swiftly to changing client needs.
  • Scalability without overhead. As your agency grows or experiences a surge in demand, the white label partner can handle increased workloads.
  • Competitive advantage. By adding link building into your offerings, you gain a competitive advantage in the market. Your agency will become a one-stop solution for clients, without the risks of losing them to competitors offering more comprehensive services.

Agency scalability and quick expansion are benefits of white-label link-building. Outsourcing link building allows agencies to oversee more client projects without hiring and training more staff. 

Being adaptable and responsive to various projects and meeting expanding customer expectations gives the firm a competitive edge.

Devaj Belani, Head of SEO at Mamba Marketing
Devaj Belani

Head of SEO at Mamba Marketing

How White Label Link Building Works

Editorial.Link team offers a partner program for marketing agencies and independent SEO experts. Here’s how we work:

  • Step 1: You tell us about your client's product or service, their goals, and target landing pages.
  • Step 2: We identify and suggest the most relevant resources for backlinks that will best meet your client’s business goals. 
  • Step 3: We acquire editorial links from existing content on sites approved by you or your client.
  • Step 4: The client pays only for the links successfully placed, and you get your commission as a partner.

We don’t overcomplicate things. You can choose a preferred channel for communication and enjoy seamless collaboration throughout our partnership. Here's what our clients write about our team's communication proficiency:

We had a kickoff call and then communication via email. They responded to our needs very quickly.

Verified review on Clutch.co

Why Use Editorial.Link’s White Label Link Building Service?

We may be biased, but our work speaks for ourselves. These are the biggest advantages of partnering with Editorial.Link for white label link-building, backed by case studies and user reviews.


Every year, we spend around $100,000 on our backlink monitoring toolkit so you don’t have to. Add overhead costs to the equation, and building links in-house doesn’t sound like a good idea anymore. In fact, our team researched costs of in-house link-building and revealed that an average spend for one link-building hire can reach $88,000/year or $7,300/month.

By partnering with a reliable link-building agency, you’ll spare yourself from shouldering these and many unforeseen expenses.

Premium backlinks

Our link-building experts only partner with high-quality corporate websites. We place each link into thematically relevant, informative content on DR 70+ sites like g2.com, cloudways.com, monday.com, clickup.com, wordstream.com, similarweb.com, and others.

Most importantly, we’ll never earn backlinks from websites that aren’t relevant to your client’s niche. Each placement we secure adds significant value to your clients' online presence.

Personalized approach

In contrast to the conventional approach of bombarding public emails in an attempt to negotiate link placements, Editorial.Link takes a personalized route. It took us a long and hard time to establish mutually beneficial relationships with webmasters in various niches. So, we engage directly with site managers, which guarantees the efficiency of our outreach strategy.

Full control over your clients’ link profiles

When entrusting your link-building needs to Editorial.Link, there’s no place for unpleasant surprises. You specify anchor texts and approve placements, and we do all the heavy lifting.

Before any link goes live, we present it to your agency for review. This means you and your clients have the opportunity to assess the placement and make sure it aligns perfectly with your goals. If it doesn’t, we don’t pursue the placement, and you don’t get charged.

We were impressed by the collaborative approach, as it allowed us to maintain a certain level of control over the process. The team provided us with access to a Google Doc, where we actively reviewed and approved the placement options for the links.

Verified review on Clutch.co

Deliver results fast

We've built relationships with hundreds of websites spanning various fields. Our extensive network allows us to speed up the link-building process, impressing your clients with significant results fast. And by “results,” we don’t just mean the number of links or other vanity metrics, we speak clicks and conversions.

Editorial.Link got a backlink from a 50K traffic page for our clients

How To Choose a White Label Link Building Agency

Outsourcing services for clients is always a risk. If you fail to find a reliable partner, you could not only harm your client's link profile but also risk losing the client altogether.

White labeling link building makes sense when you pick a very narrow expertise. No link-building agency can be good at all types of links. Some are stronger at PR, others build links from viral marketing, etc. There are agencies specializing in trust-driven links or outreach.

The initial step is to locate this specialized expertise. Following that, engage in a conversation with them. Do they employ specific metrics? I prefer agencies that consider a broader range of metrics. Factors such as authorship, neighborhood, and co-citation consistently reflect the proficiency of a link-building company.

White labeling link building makes sense when you pick a very narrow expertise. No link-building agency can be good at all types of links. Some are stronger at PR, others build links from viral marketing, etc. There are agencies specializing in trust-driven links or outreach. 

So the first step is to find this unique expertise. Then have a chat with them. Do they have metrics they use? I like agencies that look at more diverse metrics. Things like authorship, neighborhood and co-citation always show the professionalism of a link-building company. 

Do they have a good understanding of Google’s penalties? Do they pay for links? Stay away from companies that use spreadsheets of sites they can get links from.

Ann Smarty, Co-Founder of Smarty Marketing
Ann Smarty

Co-Founder of Smarty Marketing

We’ve compiled the four best practices that will help you find the right white label link building partner.

Be wary of scams

We bet you don’t want to get involved in black hat link building. And unfortunately, many individual link builders or unreliable agencies often resort to unethical practices.

To stay safe from those, you need to be aware of the most common link-building scams and watch out for their signs in your candidate’s portfolios:

  • PBNs are groups of privately owned websites, allowing link builders quickly gain large volumes of links. They usually show little activity, which makes Google suspicious.
  • Link farms are ‘zoombie’ sites that exist only to host paid links. Placing links on these sites can result in a Google Penalty.
  • Low-quality sites have poor content and low authority, and are usually not relevant to your niche. These sites will hardly drive positive results to your clients.

Research potential candidates

Transparency is huge. Thoroughly vet your options before signing anything. Review samples of their work, check the sites they use, and do your own assessment of the value of the link placements.

Jesse Ringer, Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency
Jesse Ringer

Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency

When you choose Editorial.Link for your white label link-building needs, you're opting for a partner with a proven track record.

We required someone to reach out to high authority website owners and blog authors to build links for several brands we represent. The websites had to be actively maintained with strong traffic, social media presence, and topical authority.

Editorial.Link helped us build hundreds of quality links from contextually relevant websites.

Verified review on Clutch.co

Ask how they assess results

Can your candidates offer tangible results to your clients, other than an increase in inbound links? This is an important factor to verify the agency’s ability to think and act strategically.

At Editorial.Link we value quality over quantity. While we do our best to secure as many placements from high DR websites for you as you require, we also make sure those metrics aren’t vain (we know Ahrefs uses different algorithms to determine domain’s authority than Google, so we check each partner website’s link profile manually). That’s why our clients always see traffic growth, domain authority development, and improved rankings as a result of our collaboration.

[They] provided us with market research and sent us a list of the TOP niche links, so we could decide which ones to pick and generate our link-building budget. Since then, they have sent us the list of links we planned to get every month, and at the end of the month, we`ve got our detailed report.

Verified review on Clutch.co

Look for realistic and transparent prices

Be cautious of pricing that appears too good to be true. If someone is offering an unusually high number of links for an incredibly low price, it's a red flag.

At Editorial.Link, cost-per-link starts at $350 link. Based on our research, other link-building agencies often charge between $500 and $1,000 per link. So whenever someone offers you 50 links for $150, that’s a scam.

Understanding how they will be compensated for their work will give you a good sense of their acquisition process. You want to be mindful that a few links placed on bad sites can have a lasting negative impact for your brand.

Jesse Ringer, Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency
Jesse Ringer

Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency

When White Label Link Building Is The Right Choice for You

It’s time to figure out whether you should opt for white label link building. We say if you already have an eye on reliable link-building agency that doesn’t require long-term commitment, go for it.

You can partner with Editorial.Link for a trial run and see if this model works for you and your clients. Get in touch with us to get more details.

The best time to outsource this work is when you have a solid relationship with your client so that they know you are acting in their best interest. The second best time to outsource is when you trust your link-building partner and you know that they are aligned on your client’s goals.

Jesse Ringer, Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency
Jesse Ringer

Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency

Summing up, here are a few scenarios when partnering with a white label partnership is a good idea:

  • You’re receiving requests from clients to gain links for them;
  • You don’t have established relationships with companies and link builders;
  • You need to scale your in-house link-building activities without overhead;
  • You’re on a budget;
  • You need a proof of concept before you hire an in-house team of link-builders.


In a nutshell, white label link building is a savvy move for businesses aiming to expand their service offerings without going all-in on their own resources. It's like tapping into a pro team's skills without the need to bring them on board internally. How much simpler and easier can it get? Plus, it saves all kinds of resources, including costs. Maintaining an in-house team is both complex and expensive, making outsourcing a cool problem-solving solution. So, don't hesitate for too long and go for it!

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