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10 Best Link Building Tools [2024 Reviews]

Dmytro Sokhach, CEO of Admix Global
top link building tools

Welcome to my practical guide on link building tools! I'm here to walk you through the top 10 tools that revolutionize our strategies at Editorial.Link.

After all, effective link building isn't just about hard work; it's about using smart solutions. And using them wisely!

As an expert with 16+ years of experience, I've seen these tools turn good campaigns into great ones. Trust me, they're not just helpful; they're indispensable for pushing your site up in the SERP and enhancing your site authority.

Excited to learn how these tools can elevate your SEO efforts and expand your online presence? I'll guide you through each one, showing you how to build backlinks efficiently.

Let's keep things moving and see how these tools can transform your link-building efforts 😉

What Are Link Building Tools?

Wondering how SEO experts stay ahead? It all boils down to their use of link-building tools. Let me break it down for you.

First things first: what exactly are link building tools?

📝 Note: Did you know that according to our survey of SEO specialists, 64.4% named Ahrefs the best all-in-one SEO tool?

best all in one SEO tool

They're software solutions crafted to spot opportunities for snagging backlinks from other websites, helping you edge past competitors. These tools simplify key tasks like scouting for link prospects, managing outreach, and monitoring campaign success.

Now, why are these tools a must-have?

The thing is, without them, you’re basically navigating blind.

Link building tools equip you with critical insights to pinpoint high-quality sites, automate time-consuming tasks, and keep tabs on your SEO progress. Think of them as your comprehensive SEO toolkit, crafted to refine your strategies and clinch those vital backlinks.

They’re more than handy; they’re your strategy enhancers. With these tools, you can amplify your capacity to manage and grow your link profile—key for boosting your site's domain authority.

Curious to find out which tools fit your goals?

After reading my article, you will know exactly which tools match your link-building goals. Using the right tools means you can focus on strategic decisions rather than get bogged down with details. They're essential for moving the needle on your SEO efforts.

Stick around as I reveal how each tool can transform your link-building efforts!

Best Link Building Tools: Discover Top Picks for 2024

Everyone has unique needs, don't they? Link building tools are no exception. This is where the right choice can vary greatly depending on your specific goals.

10 best link building tools

So today I’m going to help you find the right ones for your objectives.

Here's a snapshot of the top link building tools that we use at Editorial.Link, tailored to different SEO goals and budgets.

Whether you're looking to enhance your domain authority or simply manage your existing links more effectively, there's a tool out there for you.

Here's a breakdown:

AhrefsComprehensive SEO tool, backlink analysisPremiumExtensive data, user-friendlyPricey for beginners
SemrushSEO, content, competitor researchPremiumBroad feature set, good for competitor analysisCan be overwhelming for new users
MajesticBacklink checkingModerateLarge link index, historical dataInterface not as intuitive
PitchboxOutreach and link building campaignsPremiumStreamlines outreach, integrates with SEO toolsCost can be high for small teams
Hunter.ioEmail finding toolFree to moderateGreat for outreach, easy to useLimited searches on free plan
ConnectivelyConnects with journalistsPremiumExcellent for PR links, real-time updatesMore expensive, niche focus
Link Type ClassifierAnalyzes types of linksFree to low costUseful for quick link type check, simple to useBasic features, limited scope
BrightLocalLocal SEO and link buildingModerateTargeted for local businesses, detailed reportsMainly useful for local SEO only
Moz ProSEO toolset, includes link analysisPremiumWell-established, comprehensive toolsMight be costly for budget constraints
Backlinkmanager.ioManage and monitor backlinksModerate to premiumEfficient link management, good trackingSlightly complex for beginners

Here’s what these tools bring to the table:

  • Save Time: Cut down on the repetitive tasks of link building;
  • Boost Efficiency: Aim for better links with fewer resources;
  • Track Progress: Monitor what’s working and tweak your tactics as you go.

Interested in a deeper look?

I'll guide you through how each tool can enhance your SEO efforts, helping you secure the influential links that elevate your brand.

🚨 At Editorial.Link, we use advanced link building tools and understand how to get you quality backlinks, no matter your site's DR or DA. We work with respected companies like podium.com and hubspot.com to deliver links that truly enhance your site’s authority.

Stick with me as we explore the features that make each tool indispensable for your SEO toolkit.

1. Ahrefs - Best All-in-One Link Building Tool for Backlink Data

Ahrefs is a powerhouse in the SEO community, well-known for its robust toolset that helps marketers boost their site’s visibility and performance.

Here’s a quick look at why it’s our favorite (and also the #1 choice among many SEO professionals).

Main Features of Ahrefs

Known primarily for its in-depth backlink analysis, Ahrefs provides a clear picture of your website’s backlink profile and the search traffic it attracts.

With this tool, building links and analyzing your competitors becomes easier. After all, Ahrefs boasts the 2nd most active crawler next to Google. With a backlink index of over 3 trillion live links, it stands as one of the top tools globally for backlink research.

The latter is, in fact, a crucial daily activity for any skilled link builder 😉

ahrefs interface

This feature is crucial for sizing up your competition and refining your own SEO strategies.

What's New in 2024?

  • Page Inspect: Need to check how a particular page is performing right now? The new Page Inspect tool gives you real-time SEO metrics on demand. It's perfect for quick checks and immediate insights;
  • Authors: Looking to connect with top content creators? The Authors feature helps you find and collaborate with leading writers in your industry. This can be a goldmine for networking and building your content reach;
  • SERP Overview Comparison: Ever wonder how search results change over time? With Ahrefs, you can compare SERP snapshots from different dates. This lets you track trends and adjust your tactics accordingly.
SERP Overview Comparison by Ahrefs

Link Building with Ahrefs

Content Explorer is ideal for those specializing in outreach and broken link building, this tool allows you to uncover articles, track new posts, and find opportunities for links that others might have missed.

Site Explorer is key for digging into a site's backlink profile. It shows you the sources of your competitors' links, highlights pages to target, and helps you spot new link opportunities. Thus, you can develop more informed, effective link building approaches.

site explorer by ahrefs

Pricing plans

Ahrefs offers several pricing options to fit various needs:

  • Lite (Starts at $108): You get Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Competitve Analysis, SERP comparison, Page Inspect, and more. Perfect for beginners or small projects;
  • Standard (Starts at $208): All in Lite + additional Site Explorer features, Content Explorer, Portfolios, and more. Great for growing sites, freelance SEO experts, marketing consultants, and regular users;
  • Advanced (Starts at $374): More is Site Audit, Looker Studio integration, and Web Explorer. Best for SEO veterans, in-house marketing teams, and larger sites that need more extensive data;
  • Enterprise (Custom): At Editorial.Link, we use this plan because it gives us all the data and flexibility we need for high-volume, high-impact SEO work.
Ahrefs pricing plans

For a detailed breakdown of what each plan includes, check out their pricing page here: Ahrefs Pricing.

Ahrefs remains a vital platform for anyone involved in SEO. Whether you're analyzing backlinks, researching keywords, or tracking your rankings, Ahrefs helps you stay informed and competitive.

2. Semrush - Best Ahrefs Alternative

Meet Semrush, Arefs’ predecessor and all-in-one alternative. If you're diving into the deep end of link building, you'll want it by your side.

Known for its versatility in SEO and digital marketing, Semrush offers specialized tools that can significantly amplify your link-building efforts.

Semrush main page

Let's explore why this service is so beneficial for you.

Why choose Semrush?

Semrush provides a robust suite of tools tailored to enhance your link building strategies. From analyzing competitor links to managing outreach campaigns, it covers all bases to ensure you're always one step ahead.

Ready to discover how? Here’s a closer look.

Key tools for link builders

Backlink Gap: This tool helps spot untapped link opportunities. How does it work? Just input your domain alongside up to four competitors and find out which websites link to your rivals (but not to you).

backlink gap by semrush

With this data, you can then target these sites in your link-building campaigns, increasing your chances of getting backlinks. This is how you can understand where you stand and where you can improve.

Link Building Tool: Imagine having a tool that finds link opportunities based on your keywords and competition and helps you reach out and track your campaign's progress

That's exactly what Semrush's Link Building Tool does.

link building tool by semrush

Enter your domain and some key competitors, and you'll get a list of potential link sources categorized by their relevance and authority. From there, you can manage your outreach directly through Semrush, keeping all your link-building activities streamlined and efficient.

Semrush pricing

Semrush offers three main pricing tiers to accommodate different needs and budgets:

  • Pro Plan: Priced at $129.95 per month, ideal for freelancers and startups;
  • Guru Plan: At $249.95 per month, perfect for growing marketing agencies;
  • Business Plan: For $499.95 monthly, designed for extensive marketing firms with advanced needs.
Semrush pricing plans

Each plan escalates in features, with more extensive project limits and data access, making Semrush a scalable option for businesses of all sizes.

There’s a broad suite of marketing tools that extend beyond SEO. While Ahrefs is a powerhouse for backlink analysis and SEO details, Semrush provides added features for social media, PPC, and content marketing.

Just give it a shot and watch the results roll in 😉

3. Majestic - Best for Backlink Analysis

Majestic really shines when it comes to backlink tracking, offering focused tools that enhance site authority through strategic link building.

Majestic interface

Specializing in backlink insights, Majestic reveals key details about your site’s link profile and helps you avoid low-quality links while capturing more valuable ones.

Top tools from Majestic for effective link building

  • Trust Flow: This metric is your guide to evaluating the quality of incoming links. A high Trust Flow indicates that trustworthy sites are linking to you, which boosts your credibility with search engines.
  • Citation Flow: This measures the volume of links pointing to your site, providing a snapshot of your influence. Used alongside Trust Flow, it offers a comprehensive view of your backlink health.
  • Topical Trust Flow: Here’s where relevance plays its part. Understanding your standing in specific industry categories enables you to focus on acquiring backlinks that are not only high in quality but also relevant to your field.

Pricing that fits your budget

Majestic’s pricing is surprisingly affordable:

  • Lite Package: At $49.99 per month, it’s ideal for those just starting out, offering essential tools without a high cost;
  • Pro Package: At $99.99 per month, it’s suited for SEO professionals and agencies needing more advanced features;
  • API Package: Starting at $399.99 per month, this plan is perfect for large SEO agencies and businesses that require extensive data access and the ability to integrate Majestic data with other tools.
Majestic pricing plans

Use the 'Topics' feature to pinpoint and engage with websites that match your content’s theme—this way, every link you build adds real value.

Additionally, the 'Referring Domains' report allows you to track and improve your site’s Trust and Citation Flow scores, helping you maintain a competitive edge.

Majestic gives you the insights needed to craft smarter SEO strategies and secure higher-quality links. If you’re looking to enhance your SEO efforts and gain a competitive edge, exploring Majestic's capabilities could be a great move.

4. Pitchbox - Best Tool for Outreach

Pitchbox is a great tool if you want to streamline your link-building campaigns. It's transformative, especially if your goal is to boost outreach and snag more quality backlinks efficiently.

PitchBox interface

Why Pitchbox?

Because timing and relevance are everything. And if you're serious about amplifying your forging meaningful connections, Pitchbox is a tool you should try.

Since 2012, it has been fine-tuned to help SEO pros and agencies do one thing incredibly well: connect effectively. Imagine launching a campaign that feels personal to each recipient, scales across hundreds of prospects, and requires minimal manual effort. That’s Pitchbox.

Pitchbox workflow

Source: https://pitchbox.com/

It’s designed to handle the heavy lifting of campaign management, from initial contact to follow-up, making it perfect for large-scale operations like Skyscraper campaigns and guest posting.

It's the go-to for finding the right people and making sure your emails land in the right inboxes at the right time.

Pitchbox’s winning combo:

  • Precision Prospecting: Dive into a sea of potential contacts—think influential bloggers, key publishers, and niche-specific influencers. Pitchbox finds them fast, saving you hours of manual searching.
  • Tailored Outreach: Forget one-size-fits-all emails. Pitchbox helps you craft personalized messages that resonate. Plus, it automates your outreach, so you can send, follow-up, and engage without dropping the ball.
  • All the Metrics You Need: With integrations like Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic, Pitchbox doesn’t just send emails. It sends smart emails. You’ll see real-time metrics right next to each prospect, helping you decide who’s worth your time.
Pitchbox tools example

Here’s a quick vid to know what to expect from Pitchbox.

Why do we choose Pitchbox?

  • Team Synergy: Collaborate effortlessly. Your team can jump in together, making it simple to manage campaigns collaboratively.
  • Sleek Interface: Navigate easily. Set up, execute, and track campaigns without any hassle.
  • Follow-Ups on Autopilot: Keep conversations alive. Schedule follow-ups that make your leads feel remembered and valued.

Pitchbox pricing

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Professional Plan: Starting at $495 per month (billed annually), this plan includes up to 16,000 outreach emails monthly, support for multiple email accounts, unlimited campaigns, and a full suite of CRM and link-building tools.
  • Enterprise Plan: For larger needs, starting at $1,350 monthly, the plan offers everything in the Professional plan plus advanced features like single sign-on, customized agreements, and more.

The first plan is great for SEO teams needing an extensive toolkit. The second one is tailored for large businesses seeking robust support and customization options.

Also, each plan comes with dedicated support and training. Both plans aim to enhance your SEO and link building effectiveness, tailored to fit different team sizes and needs.

pitchbox pricing plans

You can learn more about Pitchbox’s pricing here.

5. Hunter.io - Premier Email Finder

Hunter.io automates the hunt for contact details, scraping the web in seconds to fetch email addresses from a list of websites you upload. And it doesn't stop there.

Hunter io main page

You might wonder about its accuracy. Well, Hunter.io verifies each found email to ensure you're connecting with real people. This tool doesn't just gather emails; it checks them against multiple sources, boosting your confidence in the data provided.

Hunter.io is equipped with handy tools to find, verify, and manage email contacts effectively, ensuring you’re always reaching the right people.

📝 Note: According to our link building survey, 37.2% of link building specialists surveyed named Hunter.io the best email finder.

most accurate email finder

Now, what about integration?

Once Hunter.io gathers all the details, you can export them in CSV format, making it easy to incorporate them into your existing tools. This saves you time and streamlines your outreach efforts.

hunter.io interface

Source: https://hunter.io/

Hunter.io pricing

And here’s something you’ll really like: Hunter.io offers a free plan that allows up to 50 searches per month—perfect for testing the waters or handling smaller campaigns.

Need more?

Their paid plans range from $34 to $349 per month, designed to cater to larger enterprises with more extensive needs.

hunter io pricing plans

Hunter's pricing is structured to accommodate everyone, from freelancers to large corporations:

  • Free Plan: No cost, offering up to 25 searches and 50 verifications monthly;
  • Starter Plan: $34 per month or $408 yearly (saves 30%), includes 500 searches, 1,000 verifications, plus features like domain search, CSV exports, and email campaigns for up to 2,500 recipients. Extra searches and accounts can be added for a fee;
  • Growth Plan: $104 per month, enhances the Starter Plan with increased limits for searches (5,000) and verifications (10,000), and adds more advanced tools for teams;
  • Business Plan: $349 per month, designed for large businesses with a need for high-volume search (50,000) and verification (100,000) capabilities.

Think about the hassle of sending emails to generic addresses and getting no replies. Frustrating, right? Hunter.io solves this by providing direct access to verified emails, drastically reducing the chance of your outreach efforts going unnoticed.

With its suite of features, Hunter.io not only finds the email addresses but ensures they are the right ones, making your link building efforts smoother and more productive.

6. Connectively (previously HARO) - Best for Journalistic Connections

Connectively, previously known as Help a Reporter Out (HARO), is a unique platform that bridges the gap between journalists and sources.

Connectively (previously HARO) main page

What's the big deal?

Well, it allows SEO professionals to secure valuable backlinks from high-authority sites.

Imagine this: major publications like The New York Times or Mashable might feature your expertise. How? Through Connectively, where journalists from DR 80+ websites frequently scout for knowledgeable sources.

Engaging with this platform can significantly elevate your site's credibility and boost your SEO efforts.

How does It work?

Sign up on the website, specify your areas of expertise, and you’ll start receiving daily emails with requests from journalists. These emails detail what the journalists need and how you can contribute.

how does Connectively work

Responding promptly and effectively to these queries can make you a go-to source, not just providing you with exposure but also linking back to your site in major articles. But remember, the competition is fierce.

Connectively (ex Haro) interface

Source: https://www.connectively.us/

Everyone wants those high-value links. So, what can you do to stand out? Be quick to reply, keep your responses succinct yet substantial, and aim to provide quotable insights that journalists can easily incorporate into their stories.

📝 Note: Based on survey, 28.3% of the surveyed link building specialists voted for HARO link building as one of the most effective link building tactics.

HARO link building one of the most effective tactic

Connectively pricing

Connectively offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different levels of engagement and outreach needs.

Here's a quick review of each plan:

  • Lite: Free of charge. Perfect for those just getting started, this plan lets you search by keyword and send up to 10 pitches per month. You can also view public profiles, although access is somewhat limited.
  • Core: Priced at $19 per month. This plan allows you to send up to 25 pitches monthly and provides the ability to search queries by keyword. It also offers full access to view public profiles, making it a great option for growing your networking capabilities.
  • Pro: Available for $49 per month. It includes all the features of the Core plan, plus you can send up to 50 pitches per month and create up to 3 different profiles, enhancing your ability to target different journalist segments effectively.
  • Premier: At $149 per month, this is the most comprehensive plan. It lets you send up to 150 pitches per month and create up to 10 profiles. Like the other plans, it includes full profile viewing and keyword search capabilities.
Connectively pricing plans

If you need more than what their current plan offers, additional pitches can be purchased in batches of 5, 25, or 50 at any time during the month. This flexibility ensures that you can scale your outreach efforts in line with your evolving needs.

Using Connectively means positioning yourself as an authority in your field and getting recognized by top news outlets. For alternative platforms that offer similar benefits, consider checking out:

So if crafting quick, compelling responses sounds daunting to you, HARO link building service can help maximize your results.

7. Link Type Classifier - Best for Checking Backlink Type

At my company, Editorial.Link, we've developed a simple tool that's become essential for SEO professionals and digital marketers: The Link Type Classifier.

Link Type Classifier interface

This free tool is specifically designed to clarify the types of backlinks a website has (e.g. Guest Posts (Paid), Editorial Sites, PR Media Sites, etc.), using a robust database with details on over 100,000 domains.

how link type classifier work

Why is it good?

What sets the Link Type Classifier apart is its ability to process bulk queries efficiently:

  • You can check up to 1,000 website addresses in a single go, making it an invaluable time-saver for those managing large-scale SEO campaigns; 
  • Each website address is entered on its own line, and our system takes care of the rest, classifying the nature of backlinks associated with these domains.

Our database is not only vast but also up-to-date. Every day. This ensures that all classifications are based on the most current data available, providing you with accurate and actionable insights.

link type classifier database

The Link Type Classifier is especially useful for understanding the type and quality of backlinks pointing to your site (or your competitors'). You can use it to strategize more effectively 😉

8. BrightLocal - Best for Local Link Building

BrightLocal is a great tool when you need to enhance local search visibility and manage SEO more efficiently.

brightlocal interface

I recently used BrightLocal to generate a report for a local hotspot, John's Pizzeria in Times Square, New York, to analyze its search engine rankings and discovered several areas for improvement.

local search audit by brightlocal

This tool excels in both citation monitoring and building, crucial for maintaining accuracy in your business listings—a key factor in local SEO success. BrightLocal allows you to assess your performance against local competitors effectively, helping to pinpoint critical areas where your business could enhance its visibility.

how brightlocal work

One of the standout features of BrightLocal is its comprehensive approach to managing NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency.

It identifies and resolves citation issues such as missing, duplicate, or inconsistent entries, which are essential for boosting your local ranking.

This way, you can ensure your potential customers find accurate information about your business.

Key Features:

  • SEO Health Analysis: BrightLocal scans your site for SEO issues or errors that could be hindering your performance, directly impacting your rankings and user experience;
  • Customer Feedback Tools: It enables the creation of custom review questions and collects vital feedback to strengthen your digital reputation.

📝 Note: BrightLocal is designed specifically for WordPress websites, operating as a plugin which might limit its use for platforms built on other systems.

BrightLocal pricing

On its Plans and Pricing page, BrightLocal offers three tailored plans:

  • Track ($39 per month): Tracks local rankings, audits citations, GBP (Google Business Profile), and monitors website performance;
  • Manage ($49 per month): Expands capabilities to sync business data across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Apple, and includes features to suppress external edits and schedule GBP posts;
  • Grow ($59 per month): Focuses on review management and running campaigns to generate more reviews, including a widget to enhance your site’s user interface.

Trusted by over 5,000 agencies and big brands such as iProspect and Hilton, BrightLocal is about delivering results that translate into better local search rankings and more effective management of your online reputation.

9. Moz Pro - Best Old School Link Building Tool

If you aim to sharpen your competitive edge or push client growth, Moz delivers tools essential for success.

Moz main page

Need top-notch link building tools?

Look no further than Moz's Link Explorer. This tool dives deep into your backlink profile, revealing who's linking to you and your competitors, and opens up opportunities to strengthen your connections.

MOZ interface

Using Link Explorer, you can emulate successful strategies and secure valuable linked mentions.

Concerned about low-quality links?

Moz's Spam Score feature is invaluable. It assesses the quality of your backlinks and guides you on how to disavow those that might land you in hot water with Google, safeguarding your site’s reputation.

Moz's Spam Score

Moz also offers a comprehensive suite with features like Keyword Explorer for uncovering traffic-driving keywords and Domain Analysis for monitoring your site’s authority, Moz equips you to elevate your SEO strategy.

how MOZ work

Here’s what sets Moz apart for link builders:

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage: With an extensive link index, Moz helps you weave a web of strategic connections;
  • Quality Metrics: Leverage Moz’s Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics to assess and boost your site’s credibility;
  • Integrated Workflow: Moz supports a complete SEO strategy with tools for everything from site audits to competitive analysis, all enhancing your link-building efforts.

Moz pricing

Moz plans start at $99 per month, designed to accommodate various levels of SEO expertise.
You can choose from several plans tailored to various professional needs, from solo consultants to large agencies.

Each plan builds upon the features of the previous one, providing greater capacity and additional tools as you move up the tiers:

  • Standard ($99/month): Includes MozBar Premium for on-page analysis, keyword tracking across multiple search engines, basic SEO insights, and 24-hour online support;
  • Medium ($179/month): Expands on the Standard by offering increased keyword tracking limits and more advanced SEO tools and insights;
  • Large ($299/month): Further increases capacity for keyword tracking and campaign management, designed for larger businesses or agencies managing multiple clients;
  • Premium ($599/month): Provides the highest limits on all Moz Pro tools, ideal for large enterprises or agencies with extensive SEO demands.
Moz Pro pricing plans

📝 Note: Choosing an annual payment saves 20% compared to monthly billing. This makes Moz a scalable solution for a wide array of SEO activities, from link analysis to content marketing.

10. Backlinkmanager.io - Best for Backlink Management

Crafted by Michal Jackowski, BacklinkManager.io is a cutting-edge, free tool that's quickly becoming indispensable for Digital Agencies and SaaS companies looking to excel in link-building.

BacklinkManager.io main page

This tool streamlines the entire process with its robust CRM capabilities, link monitoring, alerts, and much more.

link monitoring by backlinkmanager

Source: https://backlinkmanager.io/

BacklinkManager’s automated link monitoring system efficiently tracks the status of your backlinks, saving significant time and effort by alerting you to changes like do-follow to no-follow switches, page errors, or link removals.

tools by backlinkmanager

Source: https://backlinkmanager.io/

Plus, it ensures you stay on top of your collaborations with reminders for follow-ups on link requests or fixes for broken links.

Here’s why this tool is worth your time:

  • Comprehensive CRM for Link Building: Forget clunky spreadsheets. BacklinkManager.io offers a tailored CRM solution that simplifies managing link exchanges and partnerships;
  • Efficient Partnership Management: Enhance coordination across your team or with freelancers through its streamlined management of link exchange partnerships;
  • Detailed Reporting: Beyond CRM functionalities, it allows for comprehensive monitoring and reporting of links, setting goals, and sharing progress through interactive dashboards.

BacklinkManager.io pricing

BacklinkManager’s price plans are as follows:

  • Free Plan: Manage up to 250 backlinks, track 50 targets, and invite up to 3 team members at no cost.
  • Pro Plan: At $49/month (billed annually), manage up to 2,500 backlinks, track 100 targets, and invite up to 15 team members, with added priority support.
  • Enterprise Plan: For $500/month (billed annually), this plan lets you manage up to 50,000 backlinks, track 10,000 targets, and invite up to 30 team members, featuring white-label reporting and priority support.
backlinkmanager.io pricing plans

BacklinkManager.io significantly boosts productivity by centralizing the management of various link-building activities.

Why Use Link Building Tools?

Link building tools simplify how you create and manage backlinks, directly boosting your site’s visibility and search engine rankings.

With the ones described in my article, spotting high-quality link opportunities becomes a breeze, outreach gets automated, and campaign tracking becomes straightforward.

Moreover, these tools allow you to properly focus on crafting winning strategies rather than getting bogged down by the day-to-day tasks of link building.

Wrapping It Up

Thanks for diving into the world of link-building tools with me. As we've explored some of the top options out there, it's clear that each one brings something special to the table.

From the depth of data with Ahrefs to Moz's rich SEO capabilities, these tools are designed to make your SEO work not just easier, but more effective.

Whether you're working solo or running a large agency, choosing the right tool—and using it effectively—can dramatically elevate your ability to enhance your online presence and stay competitive.

🚨 At Editorial.Link, we excel at using the right tools effectively to secure high-quality, contextually relevant links for our clients. Let us show you how with the right tools and the right approach, you can achieve stellar results.

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