USA, Poland, Ukraine
Countries where the company has offices
Years in the industry
Employees in the company
Domain Rating
70 from 58
Monthly Traffic
9.3k from 4.2k
Keywords Ranking
6.8k from 5.1k
Links built
Time Span
12 month
Including links from (DR 85) (DR 86) (DR 86) (DR 87) (DR 88) (DR 90) (DR 91) (DR 93)

Monthly traffic increase
Links built
Months time span
Average DR of built links

Belkins is an international B2B marketing agency with over 800 successful clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, and over the globe. They empower businesses of all scales to grow through innovative marketing and sales solutions by creating meaningful partnerships.

Belkink Main Page

The Challenge

The company approached us with the need to increase organic traffic to their site by securing high-quality, unique backlinks from reputable niche-relevant domains. Their goal was to boost the credibility of their website. Given the competitive landscape in their industry, climbing to the top of search engine results for their queries wasn’t a walk in the park. Let's take a closer look at what we encountered in our work!

Our main task in collaborating with Belkins was to create a substantial number of high-quality links, especially to the homepage, increase the number of keywords, and, of course, the ultimate challenge was to drive more traffic. It goes without saying that all of our efforts relied on "white hat" link building campaigns to attract specific clients.

Our Link-Building Strategy

Our professional team started with a thorough analysis of the competitors. We wanted to know where they were getting their links from, the context and themes of those pages, how anchor texts were being used, and other significant factors.

In our database, we had a vast number of websites related to lead generation services, so we could immediately offer the client a large selection of sites to choose from. However, building a foundation for impactful branded links to Belkins homepage took a few months. Once that was in place, we shifted our focus to securing more targeted links for specific pages. Initially, we obtained links from sites with not particularly high traffic. However, in about two months, we were able to secure links from sites with millions of traffic, such as and Acquiring links from powerful sites takes more time. 

Our strategy typically leaned towards sites associated with technology, and sites associated with sales. Why? Well, because most of the top-ranking competitors were sourcing their backlinks from these domains. As a result, we were able to hunt down links from hyper-relevant publications, which really boosted Belkins' popularity and traffic.


  • Getting Quality Links. We hunted down 60 high-quality links that fit perfectly with what Belkins does. 
  • Enhancing Belkins’ Credibility. We managed to bump up Belkins' website DR from 58 to a strong 70. This made their site look more trustworthy.
  • Traffic Jump. Belkins' monthly website visitors shot up from 4181 to 9250. 
  • Getting Noticed in Searches. They went from being seen for 5125 keywords to showing up for 6800. It made a big difference in how often their site popped up in search results.
Dynamic of referring domains Belkins

The Belkins’ website saw a massive jump in visitors, going from 4181 to 9250 monthly visitors.

Belkins organic traffic growth


Since Belkins teamed up with the Editorial.Link team in December 2022, our link-building strategies have made a real impact. Now the company has more authority online, more website visitors, and shows up for more relevant searches. Our active and fruitful cooperation continues.

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