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Relevant Software
Domain Rating
63 from 41
Monthly Traffic
49k from 21k
Keywords Ranking
44.8k from 22.6k
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Time Span
18 months
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Relevant is a top-rated outsourcing company. Team provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software.

Relevant Software challenged us to increase organic traffic for commercial keywords, such as enterprise mobile app development, hiring developers for startups.

There are hundreds of outsourcing companies and quality content alone is not enough.

For this reason, we recommended the company to choose a package of 10 backlinks per month and get to work right away.

The first results were visible after 3 months. The company saw an increase in the authority of their domain, as we only mined quality links from reputable sites of real businesses.

Example of sites from which we obtained links (DR 91), (DR 86), (DR 84), (DR 84), (DR 88), (DR 90).


After 9 months of working with us - the traffic and number of leads the company has doubled, the company website began to rank for expensive and competitive keywords.

Client feedback

Preview of the video review by Marketing Consultant for Software Development Companies about Editorial.Link
Head of Marketing Relevant Software
Danylo Fedirko

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