Forbytes case study

How we helped a software company boost their web traffic by 14515%
Countries where the company has offices
Years in the industry
Employees in the company
Domain Rating
70 from 44
Monthly Traffic
4 677 from 32
14 515%
Keywords Ranking
10.2k from 277
3 582%
Links built
Time Span
21 months
Including links from (DR 88) (DR 78) (DR 82) (DR 89) (DR 93) (DR 90)

14 515%
Monthly traffic increase
Links built
Months time span
Average DR of built links

The Challenge

Forbytes, based in Sweden with offices in Ukraine and Poland, provides software development and IT consulting services. They wanted to increase their web traffic and boost their online reputation. So they needed experts in link-building.

Forbytes Main Page

What We Did

We teamed up with Forbytes in September 2021 and achieved some impressive results:

Tailored Domains: We used our wide network in the IT and software field to find domain options that made sense for Forbytes. This made sure the backlinks were both relevant and trustworthy.

Focused on Quality: We got backlinks from top-rated websites closely related to what Forbytes does.

Meeting Demand: In a short time, Forbytes started asking for over 20 backlinks regularly, and we always delivered. This showed that we could meet their needs effectively.

Diverse Link Portfolio: In our 21-month partnership, we got Forbytes 263 backlinks from high-ranking websites like (DR 88), (DR 78), (DR 82), (DR 89), (DR 93), and (DR 90). This showed how varied and effective our link-building work was.

High Ratings: On average, the backlinks had a domain rating of 72. This highlighted that these links were from reputable sources.


Result of Traffic Growth
  • Big Jump in Traffic: The best part was the massive increase in Forbytes' web traffic. They went from just 32 monthly visitors to 4677—a huge 14615% boost in organic traffic.
Result of link profile growth
  • More Referrals: Their number of referring domains also skyrocketed, going from 89 to an impressive 826.

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