PandaDoc case study

Organic traffic growth for SaaS
Domain Rating
81 from 78
Monthly Traffic
581k from 186k
Keywords Ranking
450k from 191k
Links built
Time Span
22 months, ongoing
Including links from (DR 85), (DR 74), (DR 89), (DR 90), (DR 83).

Monthly traffic increase
Links built
Months time span

The Challenge

We were approached by PandaDoc, a leading software provider specializing in document workflow automation. With their innovative solutions that optimize document management processes, the company has already established itself as a major player in the software and technology industry.

The company’s goal was to increase their organic traffic by over 100% year-over-year.

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The Process

Our collaboration started in August 2021. Our approach was to secure high-DR backlinks that would enhance the company website's Google ranking.

One of our key advantages is our extensive connections and partnerships in the software and technology industry. Through these relationships, we were able to secure exclusive opportunities for the client, resulting in highly valuable backlinks from reputable websites.

Our agency thrives on the challenging task of cultivating relationships with donors that are often difficult to reach. It takes significant time, effort, and resilience to build these connections, and while the probability of success might not always be high, our unique approach and persistent commitment set us apart in the field of link-building.

The process posed additional challenges due to the established presence of Pandadoc as a well-known SaaS platform with multiple referring domains. Consequently, our team conducted thorough checks to ensure that there were no existing links from the proposed domain, adhering to our standard practice of offering unique links tailored to each client's requirements.


Over 22 months, we managed to build a total of 205 links, ensuring that the average DR of these links was a substantial 69. The websites we garnered links from are (DR 85), (DR 74), (DR 89), (DR 90), and (DR 83).

PandaDoc Organic Traffic Boost
  • The outcome is an increase in monthly organic traffic from 186k (at the start) to 581k every month now. This is over than 212% boost.
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