USA, Germany, UAE
Countries where the company has offices
Years in the industry
Employees in the company
Domain Rating
61 from 43
Monthly Traffic
5k from 2k
Keywords Ranking
11k from 1k
Links built
Time Span
10 months
Including links from (DR 92) (DR 91) (DR 88) (DR 87) (DR 86) (DR 82)

Monthly traffic increase
Links built
Months time span
Average DR of built links

Innowise, a global software development partner in IT staff augmentation, data analytics, and FinTech with over 1600 developers, partnered with our team to drive more traffic to the site.

Innowise case study

Our collaboration, starting in March 2023 and continuing through December 2023, resulted in the creation of 127 high-quality backlinks for Innowise. Editorial.Link specializes in securing backlinks that are typically challenging to obtain independently.

A standout achievement was the improvement in Domain Rating (DR), moving from 43 to 61.

Innowise DR before

Domain Rating for December 2023:

Innowise domain rating for December 2023

In terms of keyword optimization, Editorial.Link's efforts led to a substantial increase from 1,237 to an impressive 11,392 keywords. This expansion greatly contributed to Innowise improved visibility across a wide range of relevant search queries.

Innowise keywords ranking before

Keyword ranking for December 2023:

Innowise keywords ranking for December 2023

The collaboration also resulted in a surge in organic traffic to Innowise website. Monthly visitors increased from 1,866 to 5,129.

Innovise organic traffic before

Organic traffic for December 2023:

Innovise organic traffic for December 2023

Remark: The client (Innowise) was using a redirect to a new domain.

In conclusion, this collaboration has significantly improved the visibility of our client.

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