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Premium Link Building: Backlinks That Actually Work [2024]

Dmytro Sokhach, CEO of Admix Global
Premium Link Building

What is Premium Link Building?

Why do some websites drain their entire link-building budget without seeing any results?

To avoid being in the same boat and unravel the why, what, and how of Premium Link Building, keep reading.

Spoiler alert: it's not your typical link-building routine—it's the Premium version that genuinely bears fruit.

Going Beyond the Basics with Premium Link Building

Basic of Premium Backlinks

Premium Link Building means snagging top-quality links using smarter and more strategic methods than the tactics like paid guest posting. It often involves:

  • HARO Link Building: Ever heard of HARO? It's a place where you can connect with journalists in need of a pro comment and score authoritative backlinks from news sites or publications. It's simple: they use your comment and throw a shoutout your way.
  • Relationship-Based Link Building: Forming connections with site owners and editors to snag organic, high-quality links.
  • Digital PR: Make a splash with links from media hype, collaborations with influencers, and other PR moves.
  • Broken Link Building: Spotting and swapping out broken links on websites with your relevant ones.
  • Skyscraper Technique: Elevating existing popular content and reaching out to the OG link sources for a switcheroo. Take popular content and give it a real glow-up.
  • Unlinked Mentions: Ever spotted your brand name hanging out online without a link? Hunt those down, shoot a message to the site owners, and turn the brand mentions into backlinks.

These services aren't typical link-building bundles. They're more tailored to fit specific strategies and goals. You can get Premium Link Building from SEO agencies or digital marketing firms that specialize in customized solutions.

Why are Premium Backlinks Important?

Premium links aren't just run-of-the-mill links.

Yes, they come from sources that are more authoritative. But more decisively, the sources are also more relevant. Getting them might be a bit trickier.

But in terms of SEO, they pack a heavier punch than your average links.

For businesses aiming for long-term SEO success, these premium links offer a solid ROI. They bring in more web traffic, boost your search rankings, and add a significant dose of credibility to your brand.

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    Are Premium Backlinks Worth the Investment?

    So, while premium link building might look a bit pricey upfront, it's actually a smart investment that can save you a bundle on future link-building services.

    Example? You've probably come across the idea of Link Bait content, right?

    This means creating content that naturally attracts links - a solid strategy, by the way.

    But for link bait to do the job, it needs initial backlinks to kickstart the traffic, which then leads to even more organic links.

    Here's a specific example:

    We created a coffee consumption statistics page at coffee-rank.com/world-coffee-consumption-statistics/, which initially did not receive any organic backlinks. Then, we built the first backlinks for this page, which helped it start ranking for queries like "how many people drink coffee in the world."

    As a result, the page organically gained over 100 links from sites such as newsbreak.com, firstpost.com, westernjournal.com, theepochtimes.com, wikipedia.org and thelist.com. This led to increased visibility and traffic not only for this page but also for other pages on the site.

    How Much Do Premium Backlinks Cost?

    It's quite common in the link-building market to find sellers offering what they label as "premium" links. Some might even promise 2,500 links for just $999.

    Example of sellers offering whay they label as "premium" links.

    However, practices of premium link building typically mean receiving a few links to several dozen each month.

    At Editorial.Link, we usually offer packages ranging from 1 to 40 links and assist our clients in acquiring links from reputable sites like G2, Hubspot, and Monday.

    Premium link building involves personalized, hands-on customer outreach rather than generic email blasts.

    Trust me, this is very critical!

    Cheap link building services can damage your brand with mass email blasts. It's important to carefully select each link from relevant, high-quality sites that align with your brand's values and SEO goals.

    In contrast, indiscriminate email blasts often result in low-quality backlinks. This can have a negative impact on your site's rankings and overall credibility.

    How Many Premium Backlinks Do You Need?

    There aren't any fixed numbers. It hinges on your SEO objectives and existing backlink structure. Remember, quality always prevails over quantity. Sometimes, just one link from a highly authoritative site can make a significant impact.

    As an example, consider our client Jake Ward from Byword.ai, for whom we secured a link from hive.com on a page that, according to Ahrefs, receives 12.6K traffic per month. Such a link provides not just an SEO effect but also referral traffic.

    link from hive.com on a page that, according to Ahrefs, receives 12.6K traffic per month

    For another client, Sitechecker, we helped acquire a relevant link from a HubSpot page that receives 40K traffic per month. The client reported receiving clicks and registrations on the same day.

    example of link, that Editorial.Link build for our client

    Another example of a premium link is one from Forbes, where I provided a quote and received a link.

    Premium link from Forbes, where our CEO Dmytro Sokhach provided a quote

    Even if the link didn't funnel direct traffic to the site, connections from platforms like Forbes form a crucial bedrock for Google's EEAT criteria (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). It tells Google, "Hey, this site can be trusted in its field."

    Can Premium Backlinks Improve Local SEO?

    Yes, premium backlinks can significantly improve local SEO. A perfect example of this is one of our clients, a real estate company in the UAE.

    In just 11 months, with over 100 premium backlinks in the mix, their monthly website traffic skyrocketed from 5,000 to 60,000 visits.

    How to Choose a Premium Link-building Agency?

    How To Choose A Premium Link Building Agency

    We have prepared a list of aspects that you should definitely pay attention to in order to choose a premium link building agency:

    • Assess Their Methods: Start by asking them about how they get high-quality links. A reliable agency should be open about their strategies and explain how they plan to grab valuable backlinks. Check if they promise links on trustworthy websites that stick around for a while.
    • Check for Red Flags: Ask if they share the list of websites they're planning to get your links on. It's essential that your links end up on solid websites that fit your field. If they're not giving specifics, it might be a sign something's off.
    • Reviews and Reputation: See if they've got stories to tell about their previous work. Look for proof that they've helped similar businesses before. Check for reviews on reliable platforms such as Clutch and G2, as these platforms typically verify the authenticity of reviews.

    In our agency, Editorial.Link, we build premium backlinks using various white-hat link-building methods.

    We provide full transparency, ensuring that you know exactly where your backlinks are placed and can approve each one. We do not require you to commit to a contract upfront; you can start with a single test link and pay upon receipt to evaluate if our approach suits your needs.

    Final Words

    In short, you can always dump your budget on low-quality links in huge quantities and hope for a miracle. But one high-quality premium link often has a greater impact on SEO metrics than dozens of links from junk sites. Think strategic alliances, manual outreach, and a laser focus on quality.

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