USA, Ukraine
Countries where the company has offices
Years in the industry
Employees in the company
Domain Rating
77 from 76
Monthly Traffic
467k from 325k
Keywords Ranking
222k from 148k
Links built
Time Span
13 month
Including links from (DR 92) (DR 92) (DR 91) (DR 91) (DR 82) (DR 82)

Monthly traffic increase
Links built
Months time span
Average DR of built links

Skylum, the AI-powered photo editing platform, teamed up with us to improve the site's visibility.

Skylum Case Study

Link Building Strategy and Result for Skylum

Since our collaboration began in March 2023, our team has crafted and secured 75 high-quality links for Skylym, pushing the Domain Rating (DR) from 76 to 77.

Editorial.Link specializes in creating backlinks that are difficult or impossible to obtain independently. This strategic approach to link building, coupled with a focus on keyword optimization, has been instrumental in enhancing Skylym's search engine rankings.

The noteworthy outcome is an increase in organic traffic to Skylum's website: from 325,186 to 467,436 monthly visitors.

Organic traffic before work:

Skylum organic traffic before work

Organic traffic now:

Skylum organic traffic now

Keywords ranking before work:

Skylum keywords ranking before

Keywords ranking now:

Skylum keywords ranking now

In essence, the collaboration has not only fortified Skylym's online authority but has also significantly improved visibility, credibility, and user engagement in the highly competitive niche.

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